The number one challenge I hear from makers looking to scale their business is a lack of direction and clear next steps. 

Maybe this is you and you just plain and simple lack the time to figure it all out?

But the ONE thing you do know is you have a passion for creating and an amazing product the world needs to hear about.

I believe you have what it takes, and I developed a FREE 5 day challenge to show you exactly how to get your products on the shelves of your first 5 retailers.

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“You’re going to the interview and you’ll thank me later!”

I was annoyed as my college professor looked me in the eye and made me turn around and walk into the room of waiting sales managers, ready to make me give them a lame sales pitch on why they should buy a red pen from me. (Seriously?)

I had ZERO desire to work in sales. Plus I had my own plan – I worked hard to develop a business plan to start a dance studio after college. I was ready to go to the bank. My professor clearly thought this would be good experience or something?! Laugh was on me…

Fast forward and I now have a 17 years of experience in executive sales and leadership under my belt and I couldn’t be more thankful to Mrs. Sloan for making me walk into that interview room.

Corporate America taught me so many powerful lessons that I now know I needed to be able to build a business teaching women how to make a profit at doing what they love.

👋🏾 Hi. I'm Andee, and I’m on a mission to teach aspiring women entrepreneurs how to overcome the fear of selling and grow a thriving business from an authentic and counter-cultural perspective. 

If you’re still reading this, you may be feeling…

❌ Stuck in a stagnant business with no clear direction for growth.
❌ A desire to make a bigger impact, but lacking the framework and community to support your dreams.
❌ Doubt that you have what it takes to succeed in building a business.

When women entrepreneurs work with me, they’re able to…

✅ Explore where their talents and their passions align and develop a strategic plan for turning their passion to profit.
✅ Eliminate the hustle mentality of our culture and learn how to scale their business at their own pace.
✅ Elevate their impact by creating a sustainable business built on a culture of integrity, grace, and generosity.


By harnessing a counter-cultural approach to business and sales.

  • I once spoke on the floor of the US House of Representatives. I quoted Jeremiah 29:11.
  • I am a huge Arkansas Razorbacks fan. My little niece calls them the Piggybacks & it's the cutest thing ever.
  • I dream of one day soon living in a Leisure Travel Van and traveling/working across the country for a year.

Fun Facts About Me

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