Overcoming the Fear of Selling: Ashley Fritsche’s Journey from Overworked and Underpaid to a Thriving Business Owner 

podcast • May 29, 2024

How do you overcome a fear of selling? Most often we don’t overcome that fear of selling but if we accept who we are, we are truthful about what we are selling, and we stand behind what we are selling then things will start to fall into place. 

Today, I’m collaborating with Ashley Fritsche. Ashley is the founder and owner of Petal & Bloom, a tech marketing agency, and she brings a wealth of experience and passion with a keen understanding of industry trends as she empowers woman-owned businesses to elevate their digital marketing efforts and drive meaningful change.

From overworked to a virtual assistant to a tech marketing agency – Ashley’s inspirational journey 

At Ashley’s previous job the holiday seasons were her hardest time of year. She is a single mom of 2 kids and was working 100-hour weeks. It’s already stressful enough as a single mom and the holidays and adding in that much work becomes incredibly stressful. 

After another stressful holiday season, Ashley reached her breaking point and knew that she could no longer handle 100-hour weeks. She made a promise to herself that she was going to make a change for the better. 

She didn’t want to miss any more Christmases or traditions or summers with her kids who were growing up way too fast. So, she started her business so she could spend time with her family again and that was the beginning of what would ultimately lead to Petal & Bloom. 

Image is of Ashley Fritsche sitting in a chair and is a quote from being on the podcast that reads "As long as I accept who I am and I'm being truthful, and I'm not trying to sell something that I'm not okay with, that is when everything falls into place."

Ashley’s focus on women-owned businesses 

Ashley is 100% focused on women-owned businesses. At Petal & Bloom she employs moms, wives, and women who want to work from home so that they are able to balance a professional life with their family life. 

Ashley also only works with women-owned businesses to help them continue to thrive in their own businesses. 

How Ashley overcame her fear of selling and utilized authentic sales strategies 

She didn’t. She’s still has a fear of selling and she noted she doesn’t know if she will ever get over it.  

Ashley does note that she is not a very outgoing person and that anytime and still gets butterflies in her stomach when it comes to sales calls but she understands that that is how she is and she is okay with that.  

As long as she accepts who she is, is being truthful and not trying to sell something that she’s not okay with, that is when everything falls into place.  

Ashley notes when it comes to selling that what did not work for her was trying to be on social media or go into different groups and try to be something she wasn’t.  

But what did work for her was going out there and putting out something she believed in and just being herself. Saying this is what I’m doing, this is what I believe in, and that’s when it works.  

And when it doesn’t really align with who she is and what she’s doing then it does not work. 

Benefits and strategies of paid ADs for your business 

The type of AD you run for your business is going to impact the results that you get.  

Ashley notes for her business, Petal & Bloom, they find that Instagram messaging ADs work best for her business. 

And the reason they work so well is because we want to have conversations. When it comes to building a website, you are going to have a long-term relationship with that business owner which makes IG messaging ADs a great way to start forming that relationship. 

Ashley notes they did an AB test of a Facebook lead generation AD and an Instagram messaging AD. What she found was, while they got more leads from doing a Facebook lead AD, the conversations that were started on Instagram ended up being a higher lead and they were more efficient and effective than the leads that they were getting from Facebook.  

First step running social ADs for a product-based business 

For a product-based business Ashley notes she put together a top of funnel ad strategy.  

When you’re doing a top of funnel ad strategy, you definitely need to be looking at a lower cost per conversion, so, something along the lines of an engagement AD.  

This is because you want to see what type of audience is going to be engaging with you. You want to be able to test the graphics and the copy and have your pixels and everything put into place, then you’re able to convert that into a sales ad strategy.  

But, if you don’t have a warmed-up audience and you go directly into a sales AD strategy, you are going to be wasting a lot of money.  

So, definitely test it with a lower cost per conversion before you go directly into a sales AD strategy. 

And if that sounds like something you don’t want to do on your own then Ashley and her team at Petal & Bloom offer a DIY option or a done for you option. 

Best website for a product-based business 

Ashley’s top recommendation is for a Shopify site which is the most all-encompassing platform that you can use.  

Everything from being able to set up your shipping profiles to your POS systems. 

When it comes to setting up your Shopify site, which Ashley and her team can also help you with, she notes one of the biggest things is to make sure the back-end administration is set up which includes making sure your shipping profiles are set up, your margins are set up and your taxes are set up correctly to ensure that 6 months down the road you end up losing money because something was set up incorrectly. 

If you would like to listen in on mine and Ashley’s full conversation about her approach to authentic sales strategies, her inspiring journey of building her tech marketing firm, the effectiveness of social media ads, the importance of a solid website for product-based businesses and her goals of helping women-owned businesses thrive you can hear our full conversation at the podcast player at the top of the post. 

Connect with Ashley Fritsche 

Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/PetalandBloomTechMarketing 

Instagram – @petalandbloomtechmarketing 

LinkedIn – https://www.linkedin.com/in/ashleyfritsche/ 

Website – https://petalandbloomtechmarketing.com/ 

Grab Ashley’s Shopify website template designed specifically for product-based business owners and use code Andee to save 20% – https://petalandbloom.mykajabi.com/a/2147865600/hZiy92MM 

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