How I Built My Bridge from Corporate Life to Entrepreneur

podcast • March 5, 2024

One question I’m often asked is “How did I make the leap from corporate life to entrepreneurship?” 

So, I’m sharing my journey of why I left my corporate sales job, which I actually really liked, after 17 years, to become an entrepreneur.  

I’m reflecting on my evolving definition of wealth and how I am finding tremendous fulfillment in pursuing purpose in my life rather than just financial success.  

I’ll share how faith and prayer played a pivotal role in my decision-making process, culminating in a defining moment that led to me taking the leap into full-time entrepreneurship.  

I’m getting a little more personal and sharing my challenges, my faith, and my determination while building my bridge to entrepreneurship and a more purposeful lifestyle. 

And friend, it’s never too late to explore your passions and create the lifestyle you truly desire, so if you are ready for some inspiration – press play and listen in! 

Episode Highlights: 

  • The transition from corporate life to entrepreneurship 
  • How I unexpectedly entered into corporate sales and how it prepared me for entrepreneurship 
  • My dance background provided valuable skills and confidence that translated to success in my corporate job 
  • My first foray into entrepreneurship during the pandemic 
  • Managing growth in my candle business alongside my full-time corporate job 
  • My reflection and prayers for clarity on leaving my corporate job to pursue entrepreneurship 
  • What made me take the leap into full-time entrepreneurship 

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