Achieve Success with Six-Month Goals

personal growth • February 13, 2024
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I read somewhere recently that only 9% of people actually keep their New Year’s resolutions. Funny enough, that number actually seems a bit high to me.

While a new year brings a blank slate, it also brings a lot of pressure to set and achieve big goals. For that very reason, a few years ago I started setting six-month goals. They just seem a bit more bite-sized and manageable to me. I actually set my first goals in June and by December, I had achieved 4 out of my 6 goals. 

Here’s the kicker: Instead of focusing on the goals I didn’t achieve (as we so often do), I chose to celebrate the goals I accomplished. 

I focused my energy on the positive…and it made all the difference.

I went on to set another round of six-month goals and those multiplied my achievements from the previous 6 months.

Give it a try and I would love to hear what your goal are for your next 6 months.

I’m cheering you on, sister.

“Perpetual optimism is a force multiplier.”

— Colin Powell

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