Counter-Cultural Leadership Principles with David Miketinac

podcast • April 10, 2024

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Do you have someone in your life that challenges you? Advocates for you? And pushes you to become the best leader you can be? 

15 years ago when I was hired as a brand new leader I received a welcome letter with key leadership principles that my boss had learned over the years and so many of the lessons he mentioned in the letter are viewed as counter-cultural to what our society teaches today. 

That letter that had such a big impact on me was written by David Miketinaic, who has become my mentor over the years, and who we are blessed to have on the podcast today sharing his invaluable insights on leadership and the value of the mentor-mentee relationship. 

David, Mik to his friends, is a 30-year technology industry veteran and in his current role, he is responsible for sales enablement, vendor relations, marketing, and support for a large technology solutions provider focused on high performance compute, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. 

Mik shares with us the importance of healthy conflict, exploring what it means to be a leader, the power of mentorship – both in receiving and giving mentorship, embracing failures in order to grow and so much more! 

So, if you are ready to hear a leader whose emphasis is on real friendships, embracing healthy conflict and creating a space for individuals to grown and learn then this episode is for you! 

Episode Highlights: 

  • Leadership lessons that promote growth and innovation 
  • The power of effective mentorship in one’s carreer 
  • Embracing conflict and constructive disagreement in the workplace which can lead to innovation and new ideas 
  • The importance of seeking to understand and assume positive intent 
  • Championining women in the workspace and supporting one’s sucess 
  • The importance of prioritzing employee happiness and well-being in leadership 

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