Why Manifesting Your Goals Doesn’t Work with Rachel Tenney

podcast • May 1, 2024

We hear this all the time in the entrepreneurial world – if we manifest our goals they will happen! 

But what if the practice of manifesting our goals is actually causing us to not achieve our business dreams?  

Today’s guest, Rachel Tenney, is bringing a thought-provoking conversation to us where she notes that manifesting goals is basically saying you don’t have to work hard for what you want and that this way of thinking can actually start to harm our business. 

Instead, she notes that worshipful entrepreneurship involving prayer and scripture instead of manifesting is what will help move us to take action to achieve our goals 

Rachel’s passion is practical theology – applying theology to everyday life! When she started in entrepreneurship, she realized that no one was really there to help her apply her faith to her business practically, especially as a woman. So, she started The Voca Society to do just that – provide biblical mindset and encouragement to women in entrepreneurship   

So, if you are ready to learn how our success comes from a combination of mindset and action, and not from manifestation, then press play and let’s take action on those goals!  

Episode Highlights: 

  • Meet Rachel and her Christian-based approach to business 
  • Pitfalls and misconceptions around the practice of manifesting goals 
  • Is manifesting your goals actually a detriment to achieving them 
  • Differentiation between good affirmations and manifesting 
  • Alternative approaches to achieving goals rather than manifesting them 
  • Rachel shares her experience with using faith and prayer to achieve business goals 

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