Secrets to a Successful Pop-Up Market Event 

podcast • June 26, 2024

What does a wildly successful pop-up market look like? 

How do you know if the pop-up market you want to participate in is a good one? 
What should you do when challenges arise at the market? 
How do you maximize sales while maintaining customer satisfaction? 
What should you do to minimize the barriers for your customers to purchase from you? 

Today, I am blessed to have Mina Davenport on the podcast.  

Mina is the founder of To Phōs Nontoxic Candles, a nontoxic beeswax candle company, and Mina is sharing about her first pop-up market experience.  

How Mina chose her first pop-up market to participate in 

A local shop was hosting a pop-up market and she was a brand-new candle maker and felt this desire to showcase her candles at a community hub because she felt like this is where her ideal client would be hanging out.  

What to look for when showcasing your products at a pop-up market 

  1. Make sure it’s well advertised and advertised more than once 
  1. What kind of customers are attending the market and is this your ideal clientele 
  1. Is the location of the pop-up market good to capture people that happen to be walking by 

How to prepare for your first pop-up market 

  1. Compile a comprehensive list of everything that you will need for the vendor fair.  
  1. How are you going to sell your items? 
  1. What payment methods will you accept? 
  1. How will you set up your table to display your items? 
  1. Do a mock set-up of your table so you can be ready to go the day of the vendor event. 

And seek advice from those that have done pop-up markets. They can give valuable advice on different strategies to draw customers into your space. They can give different ideas on how to market yourself. 

Quote graphic with an image of Mina Davenport and a quote from the podcast that says "honestly the most important thing was asking for advice from people...there's something so valuable that AI can't give me, and that's, real life in-person advice."

How to be successful at a pop-up market 

Mina noted that the number one most successful thing she did to get people over to her booth, which was a strategy I had suggested to her, was to do a giveaway and collect emails.  

And she used her giveaway as a way to collect email addresses and get customer feedback on fragrances she was thinking about producing.  

So, with the giveaway she was able to get people on her email list, which she was then able to market to and get client feedback on producing new fragrances.  

Getting customer feedback is essential to be successful as a product-based business owner. Back in episode 13 Dwayne Jeffries noted you want to make a third of products that you like, a third that you don’t like and a third that are trending. And customer feedback helped immensely with that.  

That giveaway idea came from me, which Mina noted was priceless because now she had many more customers, and maybe somebody that didn’t buy that day that now is getting her emails of new products and will hopefully become a new customer. 

The second way to be successful at your pop-up market is to be friendly and engaging. 

Being friendly and standing up the whole time and being approachable was a different feel than when I’ve gone to markets and have seen some people just kind of sitting on a chair, maybe on their phone, it can feel very unwelcoming. 

Mina made it a point that she was going to stand the full time, and stand right next to the table and look people in the eyes and smile and say hi, and that made it feel more welcoming to get customers into her booth. 

How to close sales at your pop-up market 

  • Highlight some of your favorite features of your products 
  • What sets your product apart from other products  
  • Mina noted the tactile experience of people smelling her candles was really helpful 
  • And then the as far as the happiness component, when they purchased a candle from Mina, she reminded the client to read the candle care card so they can get the most time out of their candle and the longest life 
  • She kept her signage minimal so it was not overwhelming, but also very clear in what makes them different? 
  • Offer multiple payment methods such as credit card, PayPal, Cash App, cash 

Are you ready to maximize your profits at your next pop-up market?  

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