Turning Negativity into Opportunity: A Guide to Online Interactions

mindset, personal growth • February 27, 2024
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The other day, I saw a woman reply to one of my posts in a Facebook group making an unkind accusation. If I’m honest, at first, I let it ruffle my feathers a bit. No one ever likes to be accused of something in online interactions – especially when your motives are genuine and pure.

Aye. Social media. Fun times. Am I right?!

Don’t you just love communicating with people that you have never met in an online format where they often assume the worst about you?

But I took a step back and heeded the advice of one of my longtime mentors that taught me to never respond when my emotions are high.

Instead, I paused and walked away.

When I returned to the issue a while later, I was able to respond in a compassionate and non-defensive manner that did not continue to stir up strife, but instead was kind and loving. Online interactions are hard and require patience and discipline.

This is often the same with your customers in an online business. And it’s an opportunity to win your customers’ hearts in an authentic and caring manner.

Even if they continue with a “no”, you learn something through that interaction that teaches you how to get a “yes” down the road.

More importantly, it is an opportunity for you and your brand to shine.



Proverbs 15:1

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