The #1 Marketing Strategy I Wish I Had Utilized from the Start of My Business

podcast • March 16, 2024

The most common question I got asked by my clients is “what would you do first if you were starting a business from scratch?” 

And I tell my clients if I could go back and start over, I would start with building an email list and having an email marketing strategy in place. 

Why would I start an email list vs focusing on social media? How often have you heard about accounts being closed down and business owners losing all of their followers, and having to start over? 

We don’t own our social media following but we do own our email marketing list.  

With social media it can be hard to break through all the “noise” but with email marketing your emails are landing directly in their inbox. 

According to Sales cycle, 50% of people buy from email marketing at least once a month. How could that impact your business? 

Today, I’m diving into my #1 marketing strategy and how you can start laying the foundations and building and nurturing your email list with my 3-part framework strategy. 

Are you ready to start an email list and start paving the way for elevated sales and sustained growth? If so, press play and let’s go! 

Episode Highlights: 

  • The importance of email marketing and building your list 
  • Which CRM platform should you choose (and what is a CRM) 
  • Benefits of crafting a lead magnet 
  • How to begin building your email list 
  • How to nurture your email list 
  • Why you need an email content calendar
  • Using automations with your email list 
  • Why you should personalize your emails to your list 

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