Boost Sales by Understanding Customer Needs

sales • March 5, 2024

Asking Question to Understand Customer Needs

When I first started making candles and went to my first pop up market, I struck up a conversation with a customer who noted how much she loved my candles, but it quickly became evident she was not going to make a purchase. A bit confused, I politely asked for feedback. She went on to to tell me that she lived in a college dorm and was not allowed to have candles or open flames. 

Once I asked the question, it totally made sense why she was not purchasing any of my products!

As our conversation continued, she did end up purchasing a few candles as a gift for her mom and sister.  While they were not a right fit for her, they were a good fit for someone she knew!

One of the biggest assumptions I see people make as they share their products or services with others is making the assumption that it is a right fit for everyone.

When we learn to ask questions and be genuinely curious in our customers’ needs and interests, we are able to assess whether our products and services will be of value to them. If they aren’t, then we walk away– we actually tell the customer no! 

And in the process, we garner respect from our customers, and more than likely they will recommend us to those that ARE a right fit. Plus your future self will thank you that you will be far less likely to deal with a disgruntled customer in the long run.

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