Avoid these 5 Common Mistakes when Selling Your Products Online

podcast • June 19, 2024

Does this sound like you? 

You hear the word sales and you just absolutely cringe?  

How can you overcome the anxiety of selling your products online and build confidence in your sales approach? 

By avoiding these 5 common mistakes when it comes to selling your products online. 

And how do I know about these mistakes? 

Because I’ve been there and made these same mistakes myself and I know that these mistakes can often hinder our online sales success.

Why high-quality visuals matter for your product-based business when selling your products online

The first and probably biggest mistake that I see across the board is using poor visual content or low quality and inconsistent images and videos.  

When someone is shopping online, the pictures that you display on your website or anywhere that the consumer is shopping, that is the only thing that they have to experience your products from a visual perspective.  

They don’t get to touch or feel your products, nor do they get to smell them.  

They have a picture or a video and a product description.  

And so, when you are using poor visual content, meaning those images or video could be grainy, low-quality, or it’s inconsistent with your brand, then what that tells the consumer is that you have a low-quality product and it is actually not worth the price that you have it valued at.  

But when you have high-quality professional images and they showcase your products in the best light, it automatically conveys a more luxurious and high-quality product that is absolutely worth the value that you have it priced at.  

How to increase your sales with social proof 

he second mistake I often see is neglecting to utilize social proof. 

When a customer loves your product, I always suggest asking them for a short testimonial or review and asking their permission that you can use it for your sales and marketing content, whether that’s email or online on your website to help other customers see the value. 

It always helps when customers can see a peer and not just the product maker or the business owner selling their own product, but when they can see another customer testimonial, that is huge social proof.  

So don’t neglect asking for customer testimonials and reviews and highlighting and showcasing them anywhere and everywhere online that is appropriate.

How frequently are you marketing your product to your customer? 


The third mistake to avoid when selling your products online is infrequent posting, and I definitely still struggle with this one.  

What I find with selling online is that we think that we put our product out there and people automatically see our product.  

And if they don’t buy it the first time we post about it or we email about it, then they must not want our product.  

However, that is not true.  

They probably did not see our post or our email, and it takes the average consumer seeing your brand or your product at least 7 times before they consider making a purchase.  

Image is a graphic with words that reads #What I find with selling online is that we think that we put our product out there, and people automatically see our product. And if they don't buy it the first time we post about it or we email about it, then they must not want our product. However, that is not true." it's crucial when selling your products online to market more than once

So, most business owners actually just move on after 1 or 2 posts about a particular product but the reality is that a customer may not have even seen your first or second post.  

Being consistent and posting regularly about a product offering is so important in order to make those online sales and get the attention of your ideal customer online.

Utilizing your analytics when selling your products online

The 4th mistake I often see is ignoring analytics.  

If you’re anything like me, you’re not a big fan of data.  

However, I have learned to appreciate that data is a gold mine and a wealth of information, and it can truly point you and your efforts in the right direction when selling your products online.  

And when you don’t pay attention to that data and you’re not tracking and analyzing your marketing performance, that is like missing out on a GPS telling you where to turn. 

You end up wasting a lot of time when you ignore your data and your analytics.  

So, make sure you don’t make that mistake and ignore analytics when selling your products online.

Why you must optimize your website for mobile users when selling your products online

The 5th and final mistake to avoid when selling your products online is ignoring mobile users.  

Not optimizing your website and your content for mobile devices is a huge mistake because over half of online shoppers are shopping on their mobile devices.  

So, you want make sure that all of your products and all of your content is optimized to be able to view and consume on a mobile device first and foremost.  

But what most often happens is you’re developing that content sitting on a desktop, so you focus on desktop users first. But I highly encourage you, don’t make that mistake.  

Focus on mobile optimization and your consumers will have a much better experience when they’re shopping for your products online.  

So, there you have it. 

Five mistakes to avoid when selling your products online. 

  1. Poor visual content 
  1. Neglecting to utilize social proof  
  1. Infrequent posting 
  1. Ignoring analytics 
  1. Not optimizing your website for mobile users.  

Are you ready to avoid these common mistakes when selling your products online?  

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