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As entrepreneurs and small business owners we all have the same question.  And that is, how to grow a small business?  And that answer is a combination of things including customer testimonials, SOP’s (standard operating procedures) and automations!  Today, I’m joined by Dolly DeLong. Dolly, is a workflow and systems educator and a launch integrator […]

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You often here that you should be selling to your target audience, however, in order to do that you need to really understand the psychology behind their buying behaviors.  You need to understand the individual.   What makes them purchase products or services?   What compels them to exchange money for the promise or the transformation that […]

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There are a lot of tech tools for small businesses available but which tools are the best ones to use?  I am always on the hunt for tools and resources that are going to help me increase my sales in my business and make running my business as efficient as possible.  I mean, you are […]

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