As many of you know, I have built from the ground up my candle company, Hart Design Co, and I wish I had a dollar every time someone had told me in my entrepreneurial journey what an over saturated market the candle industry is.   I would be a rich woman and wouldn’t even need a […]

Pop-up markets (also called vendor events or vendor fairs) are a common place for product-based business owners to sell their products and to get valuable face-to-face feedback from customers.   Which is why I participated in my first pop-up market in 2017.  And this pop-up event was a total bust!  Despite being in sales for years […]

Image of a shop owner holding a tray of jewelry presumably at a pop up market

How do you overcome a fear of selling? Most often we don’t overcome that fear of selling but if we accept who we are, we are truthful about what we are selling, and we stand behind what we are selling then things will start to fall into place.  Today, I’m collaborating with Ashley Fritsche. Ashley […]

Image of Ashley Fritsche form Petal & Bloom sitting in a chair and smiling at the camera